Related Companies

Hoffmann-Hayman Coffee Company

  • W Commerce, San Antonio, TX

  • 307 N Medina, San Antonio, TX ( - 1917)

  • 331 Burnet St, San Antonio, TX

  • PO Box 1509, San Antonio, TX

  • PO Box 1536, San Antonio, TX

  • 601 Delaware St, San Antonio, TX (1932 - 1972)


Mi Tierra Cafe

San Antonio, TX

H and H Coffee customer

San Antonio Jail

Supplied coffee


Continental Coffee Co (??? - 1972)

Purchases Hoffmann-Hayman ~1964

Merchants Coffee Co.

Owned by Mr. W. E. Hayman

Merged in 1912 to Hoffmann-Hayman Coffee

Morrison Coffee Co.

Produced Bronco Coffee -> Broncho?

Tucker Coffee Company - 1920’s

422-424 Ruiz Street, San Antonio, Texas

Produced Aviation Coffee

Company officers are listed as A. B. Walker, C. A. Luafenburg, T. W. Willard, A. Walker, and B. B. Dinius

Capital stock $25,000 from H. W. Tucker, H. H. Tucker and W. E. Hayman


David G. Evans Coffee Company

produced Anchor spices

Morris, Nooman, and Wilson

San Antonio, TX

Architects of factory

G. W. Mitchel Construction

Built factory on Delaware

Three Rivers Glass Company

Three Rivers, TX

Manufactured Crystalvac jars

Ball Brothers Glass Manufacturing Company

Muncie, IN

Bought Three Rivers Glass 1936

Owens-Illinois Glass Company

Manufactured small and large Crystalvac jars

Simpson & Doeller Co

Baltimore, MD

Label design company


American Can Company (CanCo) inc 1901

Manufactured coffee tins for used in Master Chef Coffee