Delaware Punch Soda Bottle

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The bottle caught our eye since it was manufactured by Three Rivers Glass Co., who did the Crystalvac jars for H and H. The bottle is depicted in the book Texas Glass by Michael David Smith, a history of Three Rivers.

After some quick research, we learned that Delaware Punch was created by Thomas E. Lyons in 1913 in San Antonio. The Former Factory Building is still standing at 1619 (1623) N. San Marcos. The Delaware part of the name comes from the Delaware Grape grown in Delaware County, Ohio. Thomas Lyon’s Great Grandson has published more information at

Soft drinks were among the first consumer products controlled by the franchise system. In 1914 twenty Texas bottlers listed Coca-Cola as part of their trade name, and eight did not. Other Texas companies did not issue franchises until the 1920s. Delaware Punch, a non-carbonated drink formulated in 1913 in San Antonio, was among the first to join Coca-Cola in issuing franchises in Texas. –Texas State Historical Association

Delware Punch can proudly be added to the list of famous Texan soft drink brands that includes Dr. Pepper and Big Red.

This is a 16oz Delaware Punch embossed bottle made at the Three Rivers Glass Co. in South Texas. It might be a fountain syrup bottle. The heel of the bottle has the 3 RIVERS* marking. Smaller Delaware Punch bottles have a punch bowl embossed on one of the flats along with Delaware Punch written on an adjacent flat. This bottle has the big punch bowl on the bottom and is in excellent condition.

Delaware Punch Bottle