Interesting H and H Crystalvac Jar

1 minute read

From KimmysKicks on Etsy, we bought a H and H Crystalvac Jar from Bowie, Texas. Now that we have it, there are a few interesting things about this jar.

First, it is small and holds maybe a pound of coffee versus the three pound ones we have. Reviewing the Three Rivers Glass Co. book, it appears that the smaller bottle is pictured in it, not the larger ones.

The handle is wooden and attached to a wire cage around the jar. The jar is shaped like a tall mason jar so the holder could have just been added later. There are examples of Ball Mason jars in similar wire baskets.

Finally, the lid to the jar is a zinc rim and glass top with the Ball wordmark. There are Three Rivers Glass marks on the jar, a 7 with the “I” in the diamond and circle and an 8 on the bottom. The Ball Brothers bought the Three Rivers Glass Company so this could be a later Crystalvac jar when they took over or a replacement lid that fit. There have been examples of other Three Rivers Glass items with Ball markings during the transition. Ball eventually shut the Three Rivers Glass factory down.

H and H Crystalvac Jar