One Pound Three Rivers Crystalvac Jar

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This jar on eBay came to us from Chappell Hill, Texas. It is a one pound Crystalvac in clear glass.

One Pound Three Rivers Crystalvac Jar

It appears to be like the other small jars we have, until the bottom is examined. Three Rivers Glass is marked with their “3 Rivers Star”, the Crystalvac brandname, and registered patent number. The H and H jars all have a patent number “601-“ indication, where 601-4 means the fourth version in the series.

This jar is a crisp “601-1” so it is the first, and oldest design of small Crystalvac jars.

Reviewing the collection, we have examples of:

Three Rivers Glass Co.

  1. 601-1, one-pound, clear glass
  2. 601-3, one-pound, clear glass
  3. 601-4, one-pound, clear glass
  4. 601-5, one-pound, amber glass
  5. 601-7, one-pound, clear glass

Owens-Illinois Glass Co.

  1. Plant 7, Year 6 (1936), one-pound, clear glass
  2. Plant 7, Year 8 (1938), one-pound, clear glass