Small Crystalvac Coffee Jar

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This piece comes home from Grand Prairie, Texas. This is a small, clear Crystalvac Coffee jar. The mark is “3 Rivers Star”, the classic mark from Three Rivers Glass Co.

The mold number is hard to read, so we like to think it is “601-1”, meaning the first mold, the oldest, and therefore worn with age. But, it could be “601-7”. We don’t have another jar to compare with to confirm either. We wonder who picked the mold number sequence since 601 is the address number of the Hoffmann-Hayman Coffee factory.

Small Crystalvac Coffee Jar

We do know the lid it shipped with is not the original, but a shiny, modern canning jar lid from Kerr. Crystalvac jars are direct descendants of fruit packer jars, made square to pack cartons more densely for shipping. Standard jar mouths and threading make lids interchangeable.

Small Crystalvac Coffee Jar Lid

This jar is the fourth small Crystalvac jar from Three Rivers Glass in the collection.

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