A Very Special Tour

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We were able to give a very special visitor a tour of the factory who hadn’t been there since she was a child. She is the granddaughter of Rudolph Menger. Rudolph and Gustavo Menger are the brothers of Minnie, the widow of William Hoffmann, the founder of H and H Coffee. We only spent a few hours with her and her husband but can tell they have a wealth of information to share about the Menger family and their businesses in coffee, soap, and as hoteliers. We look forward to learning more from them.

They brought a few important photographs including one of the factory and staff in front of the factory. The photo below shows the changes to the building since it was built: the second story addition, loading dock extension, original grass lawn and fence location. An H and H delivery vehicle is backed up to the loading dock.

First row is Dr. William J. Schlosser and Minnie (Hoffmann/Menger) on the left. Rudolph and Gustavo Menger are on the right end.

H and H Factory 1930's