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The Hoffmann-Hayman Coffee Co. from San Antonio, TX was founded in 1899 and operated until 1972. They roasted H and H Blend, Master Chef, Anita, Border, Broncho, Jav-o, Menger Peaberry, Sam Houston, and Texas Girl Coffees. Their coffee was packaged in 1lbs and 3lbs bags, tins, and buckets. Later, they used Crystalvac Jars from the Three Rivers Glass Company. H and H Teas, Spices and Extracts were also sold.

We have moved our business to their old factory here in San Antonio and are putting together a historical display for it.

We’re looking for anything related - advertising, products, photographs, books, stories, postcards, newspaper clippings, signs… Their original factory equipment would be a dream find.

If you’d like to help please contact us!

H and H Blend Coffee Three Pound Tin