Factory Construction by G. W. Mitchell

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The Great Depression hit George’s business like everyone else’s. After almost decade of growth, housing and construction slowed. Scrounging for repair and housing work as far as West Texas, George fought hard to keep his business and family alive. To stay above water, he took on more commercial jobs. A large project with Hoffmann & Hayman Coffee Co. in 1932, hard work, and close relationships kept G.W. Mitchell afloat during the Second World War.

A new piece of the puzzle was uncovered this week by local architect Jonathan Card. He pointed us to a Flashback Friday article from GW Mitchell Construction. They have a long history in San Antonio that connects the H and H factory to the La Fonda restaurant, the McNay Art Museum, and the residential architecture of O’Neil Ford.

We exchanged emails with Erin Mitchell Clementson, of the fourth generation to join the family business. She forwarded us some new images of the factory after construction was completed in the fall of 1932. The open house was celebrated on Wednesday, December 21, 1932.

Hoffmann-Hayman Factory, 1932

Hoffmann-Hayman Factory at night, 1932

Now that we’ve been introduced, we look forward to learning more about the history of this building and add to the story.