Interesting H and H Master Chef Sighting

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We picked up the August/September - Issue No. 18 of Edible San Antonio. They published an article about La Familia Cortez Restaurants celebrating 75 years in San Antonio. “Mi Tierra” was opened in Market Square in 1941.

Edible San Antonio August/September - Issue No. 18 (Cover)

The image included in the article caught our attention.

Edible San Antonio - 75 Years of Food and Family

The Cortez founders stand in front of Mi Tierra. Floating above them is the smile of the H & H Master Chef Coffee icon.

Edible San Antonio - 75 Years of Food and Family - close up

Whether this is a colorized photo or an artist’s rendition of the actual picture, the one detail that stands out is the background color of the Master Chef sign. The photo of Mi Tierra we’ve seen is black and white.

Mi Tierra Cafe in 1950's

Was the Master Chef sign above Mi Tierra really green?